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Fortify is a liquid nutrient supplement that optimizes the growth performance of hydroponic leafy greens.​ It needs to be applied with complete nutrient solution and is formulated with a blend of amino acids to optimize the growth performance. ​It needs to be applied at the recommended dosage throughout the crop production cycle from seeding through harvest. 

Features and benefits:

  • Optimizes germination rate, seedling establishment, and growth by improving the root zone environment
  • Alleviates transplant shock and other stress responses like high light and temperature
  • Improves photosynthetic efficiency and Nutrient usage efficiency
  • Enables uniform and faster growth, and reduces crop production time
  • Compatible with all water types that are acceptable for hydroponic production
  • Can be used with all propagation media and growing systems that are used for hydroponic production
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We have 4 different presentations: 55 gal, 15 gal, 5.0 gal, 1 liter

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