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  • General Description: Horticubes® AeroMax technology is engineered specifically for the precision growing of young plants for hydroponic farming. Designed with a unique open matrix, allowing young plants to prosper in the maximum air-filled substrate. Plants will thrive year-round especially under low water requiring growing conditions. AeroMax technology allows maximum refreshment of nutrient solution in the rootzone by replacing most of the oxygen deprived nutrient solution with each watering cycle. AeroMax technology works well in both overhead and sub-irrigation situations and is designed to avoid overwatering of the young plants.
  • Best Crops: Leafy greens and herbs for transplant into NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) or DWC (Deep Water Culture) or Aeroponic System
  • Features & Benefits:
    • Maximum air-filled pore space promotes uniform germination and growth
    • The ultra-low density and strength allows unrestricted root growth and development
    • Substrate matrix allows maximum nutrient refreshment in the rootzone for precision growing
    • The functional black color produces well-toned strong young plants
    • Speeds up young plant growth by 20-30% compared to other engineered substrates


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